Brilliant Leadership

Our Online Academy empowers global leaders to unleash the unique powers of great benefit in themselves and their team.


Based on 45 Years of Global Research

Brilliant is based on 45 years of global research on timeless wisdom traditions, human empowerment and supported by cutting-edge neuroscience research.

What You'll Get

We offer precise instructions, simple tools and an empowering community to bring brilliant leadership qualities and activities to your team and organization.


Perform consistently at 100% of your unique, innate capacity to be of benefit to yourself and the world.

Empowered Leadership

Inspire and empower others to operate consistently at 100% of their unique, innate capacity to be of benefit.

Impact Scaling

Create and continually upgrade systems that are based on the fundamental principles of empowered leadership.

Explore How We Can Support You

We offer three packages depending on how you want to be supported.

James C Goodwin

Founder & CEO, Design JG (Bristol, UK)

"Since the Brilliant community & trainings came into my life I'm not held back by fear of failure or overwhelm anymore. Business relationships are miraculously effortless & beautifully easy! I truly can't recommend it enough!"

Mikaela Schain & Erik Rosin

CCO & Founder & CEO, Superworld (Stockholm, Sweden)

"Through Brilliant’s empowerment and support, we have grown so much as a team. Our decisions are made from a point of clarity, relaxation and empowerment, and are always aligned with our vision and purpose."

Komal and Eraldo Genovese

Owners of Gesicar, Livorno (Italy)

"Brilliant empowered us in knowing and expressing our gifts and passions, and now we can inspire others in contributing theirs. An environment where people can thrive and know that they have much to contribute has been our dream for so long!"

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