Brilliant Leaders for a Brilliant World

45 years of R&D coded into a user-friendly algorithm on how to be truly brilliant


Our Passion

We are a team of entrepreneurs, researchers, coaches and consultants passionate about bringing out the best in people, teams and organizations.

Over the last 45 years, we have founded and supported companies and social movements dedicated to the benefit of all by giving full access to the most powerful resource we have as human beings: Our Already Brilliant Minds.

Our Background

Since the 1960s, we travel the world and libraries to:

1) Study and examine countless approaches to optimize human capacity (from ancient texts, latest neuroscience research, hidden cave-dwellers in the Himalayas to Nobel Prize Laureates).

2) Compare their results, effectiveness and scalability.

3) Continually refine a map of fundamental principles with the very best systems and tools for humans to lead the world.

When starting out, we were amazed to discover that the most effective approach requires surprisingly little effort to adapt and implement, so we could design a technology that is easy to use and brings immediate and longterm results.

Our Journey to Brilliance

1960's–1990s: Discovery, ongoing development and alpha testing of our algorithms with individuals through consulting in science and technology.

2003–Current: Beta testing standardized educational programs and platforms with worldwide pioneers, including entrepreneurs and professionals applying the algorithms in growing high-performing teams and businesses of benefit to all.

2017–Onwards: An online Academy, collaborations and networking to make our algorithms accessible to global changemakers.

Management Team

Brilliant is a platform to create and support extraordinary people, teams and projects that are empowered by a culture of excellence, insight and deep motivation to benefit the world

Lama Candice

Holder of two major Dzogchen Lineages. Five decades of innovation in leadership, business, computer science. 

Jochen Raysz

25 years experience in
R&D in leadership, corporate culture and change management.

Katharina Raysz


25 years experience in psychology, coaching and training
10 years CO-CEO of Balanced View.

Regional Teams

Heidi Tornaas


25 years of experience in project management, finance management, training and coaching. 

Asaf Chesner


10 years experience in training, coaching, leadership development, management and operations.

Oli Wells

United Kingdom

15 years of experience in leadership, business development and finance management.

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