The Brilliant Community

Here are some pioneering leaders from our Community across the globe making the world brilliant.

Oli Wells and Jo Hopkins

Founders, Bristol’s Kombucha (Bristol, UK)

“Since joining the Brilliant trainings we are relaxed, responsive, cheerful and solution focused. The energy we previously called stress is now our fuel to do great things.”

Madeleine Jones

Managing Director of Making Your Business Shine (London, England)

“It is a joy to work in a team where everyone is deeply relaxed and yet totally committed to each and every task with complete love and care. Every person in the team feels valued and motivated thanks to Brilliant's support! And this attracts clients to work with our team!”

Ryan Klibansky

Founder & CEO at Nested (Melbourne, Australia)

"I finally feel like I have found my tribe through Brilliants Empowerment Network. For so long I was searching for friends and mentors to draw out my potential and inspire me to be the best version of myself. I have found this in Brilliant and the journey has been so fun and effortless."

Sonia Omar

Fundraiser and Communications Manager, Education For All Morocco (Marrakech, Morocco)

"I am far more productive, able to find solutions, a better communicator, and able to support myself and my teams in an atmosphere of gratitude and relaxation. This means more meaningful relationships, better results and being able to balance lots of complex projects in a stress-free way."

Jonathan Naraine

Co-Founder & Architect at The Foodprint Lab (Gothenburg, Sweden)

"I have effortlessly empowered my unique gifts, strengths and talents - finding courage to start my own business around this passion. I am relaxed and stable in the face of intense workloads, and feel potent in solving the many challenges we face collectively. In complete relaxation no challenge has been too big to solve, and there is an openness to new innovative solutions previously unimaginable."

Leah Eatwell

Project Manager, Natural Design and Build (Bristol, UK)

"Through Brilliant I feel empowered in every moment of my life. I am now co-founding and managing projects that before I would have only dreamed of participating in, let alone lead, and even more significant to me is that it is fun."

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